Biggest Benefits of Invisalign in Lakeview

There are many advantages to having straight teeth. From looking better and inspiring more confidence to being easier to clean, straight teeth can, in many cases, be life changing. Not everyone is born with perfect teeth, and there are those who require dental intervention to correct alignment issues. Traditionally, metal braces were the only option, and the care and maintenance required can often deter many. Thankfully, there are other options to achieve straight teeth. Here are a few of the biggest benefits of Invisalign in Lakeview.
One of the biggest perks of going with Invisalign to correct teeth alignment is that they are clear, and not nearly as visible as metal braces. For many, this may be the biggest benefit there is, especially for teenagers and adults who may feel extra self-cautious about having braces. In addition, food notoriously gets stuck between the metal, and can make for an embarrassing situation for the wearer.
Unlike metal braces, which are fixed once the dental surgeon puts them in, Invisalign can easily be removed. This means that the individual wearing them can opt to remove them for pictures, meals, or special occasions, minimizing the effect wearing dental alignment has on a person’s life. In fact, if the person wearing them so chooses, there doesn’t need to be any lasting evidence of dental alignment at all.
More Efficient
Metal braces often take years before any result becomes noticeable. Many people have to wear metal braces continuously for up to five years before they will see their teeth become straight. Invisalign works significantly faster and may take as little as one year in order to straighten teeth.
Invisalign is much more gentle on teeth than traditional metal braces, making them a much better option for people who have other dental issues, such as tooth decay or gingivitis. Metal braces can also be sharp and scrap the roof of the mouth and the gums of the individual wearing them. Invisalign is a smooth dental alignment system, which doesn’t carry the same risk of injury.

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