Connecting and Simplifying Every Step of the Dental Accessory Creation Process

Dental professionals know how long the process of creating a dental accessory or implanted device can be. First, you must consult with a patient. Next, you must gather the data for the finished product you are making. Then, you must send that data to another professional off-site.

After that, you may be waiting days, weeks, or even longer to have those data sets turned into a finished product. Then, it will be sent back to your practice, where you can fit your patient with it and hope that all of that waiting was worth it.

Sound like too much hassle? Many providers think so, which is why so many are now utilizing 3D printers and other technology in their own practices to shorten the creation process.

New Technology and Software

3D printers are becoming more common especially in the medical field. They can quickly and accurately create the devices and accessories that patients need, at a much lower cost for them and for you. They make the entire process easier and faster, which is a much-needed improvement.

However, they are not alone in simplifying this process. Even if you do not make your own dental devices and accessories, your practice will undoubtedly benefit from putting new software to work. Products like the Exocad dental software help to make the process of communicating with your partners in the production process faster and easier, too.

Better Data Transfers

When you must work with another professional to create products for your patients, you need to know that the data you send back and forth between your practices is secure and will be sent and available for use quickly. There is no better way to do this than to use today’s best software, like that from Exocad.

Exocad software allows larger files to be sent than ever before – and it allows those files to begin downloading before they are even fully transferred. This means that files can be sent almost as fast as thoughts become words, leading to lightning-fast processing times and a better experience for clients. Your patients may never know that you have added new software to your practice, but they will certainly love the results DentCore!

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