Considering Dentures and Implants in Peachtree City to Replace Missing Teeth

There are several options for people who have lost teeth, for whatever reason. Some people may only need a few teeth replaced, while others may need all of their teeth replaced. Most people are familiar with dentures. A more recent development has led to the use of Implants in Peachtree City, as well. What options are best for your needs?

Today’s dentures are not like the unwieldy appliances of the past, that may have been worn by grandparents. Modern false teeth are made with better materials that look much more like natural teeth. They are also made to fit much better in an individual’s mouth. Even so, they still offer some concerns. These appliances must be removed every day, and thoroughly cleaned. This is true for full dentures and for partials. This is because bacteria can collect under the fastening parts.

It takes some time to become adjusted to wearing dentures. In addition, they need to be readjusted from time-to-time, or even replaced. This is because the bone structure will change as it dissolves. The lack of teeth to support leads to this process that is called deossification. Dentures cannot be repaired at home; this can only be done by a dentist.

Many people are considering all of the benefits that are offered by dental implants. These are pieces made of titanium anchors that screw directly into the jawbone. A realistic fake tooth is used to cover it, along with a dental crown. These function just like real teeth, and no one can tell that they are not real. The process does take some time to complete-;anywhere from nine months to a year. But in the end, the patient is left with a lifetime replacement for missing teeth.

Implants have to be inserted into jaws that have healthy gums, and enough bone to provide the needed support for the titanium posts. A dentist will first treat a candidate for gum disease to ensure the healthy gums and continued bone structure. If there isn’t enough bone, grafts may be surgically applied in order to build-up the necessary surface for the implants.



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