Dentist in Toronto – Know What Bad Dental Health Can Lead To

Apparently, bad breath and rotten teeth are not the only undesirable side effects of bad dental health. You might have to face more complicated health issues. If you want to avoid such side effects, make sure that you follow good dental hygiene and keep your appointment with the dentist in Toronto. Nothing is more important than your health and your health begins from your mouth. Read on below to know what can happen if you ignore dental health.

* If you have been suffering consistent discomfort due to headaches, you better get your teeth checked. Decaying teeth cause severe pain in the jaws which travels up and makes you feel like you have a splitting headache, although the pain is not actually in the head. Prolonged headaches can lead to irritability, reduction in productivity, reduced brain power and depression.

* Studies have shown that consistent problems in the tooth and gums can lead to psychological problems, especially in children. The issue is more serious if children suffer tooth decay within the first five years of birth. These years are the formative years and it is during this period that nerve connections are formed in the brain. Even a dull ache in the oral cavity can impede normal growth and can lead to emotional issues as children grow up.

* When your oral cavity is not healthy, bacteria flourish. These little creatures travel down your throat and infect it. Frequent sore throat can be extremely troublesome

* If left untreated, the bacteria travel further down and reach your stomach. You might end up facing numerous stomach problems such as diarrhea and indigestion. What is more, because your teeth are problematic, you find it tough to chew. Food that is not chewed well is not digested efficiently. Heartburns caused due to this reason are also not unheard of

* Bacteria from decaying and diseased teeth enter the blood stream; reach your heart and stick there, causing havoc. The cause of several heart diseases has been traced to bacteria from the mouth. Further, as teeth continue to decay, bacteria continue to thrive and the risk of heart diseases keeps escalating.

* Your lungs are at risk as well. According to a research in Yale, serious lung infections such as Pneumonia are caused due to bad oral health. The study also showed that mortality due to pneumonia was much higher in people who suffered gum diseases. The problem is more enhanced for people who smoke, suffer from asthma and other respiratory conditions.

It has also been seen that a fetus in the womb of women suffering from oral diseases are at higher risk of infections and are usually born premature or with low birth weights. Bad dental health can lead to or increase the severity of health problems such as diabetes, stroke and osteoporosis. So, if you want a healthy life, visit your dentist in Toronto regularly.

Dentist Toronto – Warm & Friendly Dental Care clinic offers various dentist services in Toronto. In order to protect you from undesirable health issues, maintain good health and make an appointment at this dental clinic.

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