Dentistry in Heber Springs Can Make a Smile Beautiful

When a person does not have confidence in the appearance of their smile, they may face challenges in life. Avoiding smiling and eating in front of others can be difficult. While there are many reasons a person’s smile may not look as attractive as they would like, one of the most common reasons is teeth staining. Staining, yellowing and dull coloration can reduce the beauty of a smile. Fortunately, there are teeth whitening procedures that can help. Through Dentistry in Heber Springs, a beautifully white smile can be achieved.

Teeth whitening procedures can dramatically change the appearance of a smile, even if there are other mild cosmetic concerns. Once the teeth are whitened, other imperfections seem to fade away and become unnoticeable.

To whiten the teeth, a gritty substance is first applied to make sure all residue is removed. The teeth need to be perfectly clean to ensure the best results will be achieved. Clean teeth allow for better absorption of the whitening agents.

Special precautions are taken throughout the whitening process to help ensure the gums, cheeks and lips are protected. These areas do not need to come in contact with the whitener since they are sensitive and can experience irritation.

A whitening procedure takes time to be accomplished and is often done in stages. Most people will need more than one treatment to be able to achieve the results they want. The average person needs four to six treatments.

After a teeth whitening treatment, the teeth must be protected, so they do not become overly sensitive. This is accomplished through the use of fluoride. Fluoride is a mineral that is crucial for good health in the teeth. This mineral strengthens the enamel, so cavities are less likely to occur. This also prevents openings in the tooth from allowing foods and beverages to affect the nerve.

Through the services of Dentistry in Heber Springs, having a beautiful smile is much easier. To learn more about this treatment and how it can benefit your smile, contact the office of Jason T Bolding DDS Heber Springs and schedule an appointment. Whiter teeth can give you the smile you have always wanted. Browse website for more information.

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