Facts about Nose Surgery

Nose Surgery takes about an hour. There are more complex cases that require more surgical time. Sometimes it is necessary to correct the nasal function or an associated pathology, which increases the operating time. The procedure is performed from inside the nostrils and, therefore, are not considered cosmetic changes.

What kind of anesthesia is used? Doctors can use local or general anesthesia. Many prefer general anesthesia to be safe and less traumatic for the patient. Anesthesiologists should be accredited by the Association of Anesthesiology and specifically selected for their suitability in the subject. Your ENT should only work with professionals who have a great reputation in the field.

Where are such operations conducted and how long does one have to be hospitalized? Nose Surgery is performed in an operating room in hospital or clinic. It is not advisable to do it in doctors’ offices though because it is an outpatient surgical procedure. The total length of stay is usually one hour before and three hours after surgery. It is required to have completed the surgical consent prior to surgery. After surgery, the patient receives post-surgical instructions.

How long does it take until a patient can return to normal activities? Effortless and those activities inside the house can be done within 48 hours. School or work activities that take place outside the house should not be tried until approximately 5 working days after the surgery. For intense physical activity, it is recommended to wait between three weeks and a month. When it comes to sun exposure, it is recommended to wait until the bruises are fully reabsorbed (occurs in about a month).

Is the postoperative period painful? Generally not. Patients usually experience a little discomfort and a feeling of nasal congestion. If there is any pain, make sure to take painkillers such ibuprofen or diclofenac. Antibiotics are also given after surgery.

Once the cast or bandage is removed, you can see the changes. Keep in mind that the nose initially swells and distorts the result. Two months after surgery results can be seen up to 70%. The rest of the edema that persists is only noticed by the surgeon and the patient. Contact Allen-ent.com for more information.

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