Find A Reputable Cosmetic Dentist in St George, UT

Dental problems can occur at any time in a person’s life, possibly causing significant pain and discomfort when they do. In the case of an infected tooth, the pain and discomfort can be constant and prevent a person from being able to eat or drink normally. Dealing with a dental issue can be easier than many people in the St. George area realize. With the help of a reputable dental office, you can get relief quickly and easily for any type of dental problem you may be experiencing. If you are unsure of the type of dental issue you have, visiting a local dental office’s website, can help provide more information and advice on proper dental care.

When dealing with an infected tooth, the infection itself will need to be dealt with before a dentist can perform any work on it. When a tooth becomes infected, the infection will not be the main issue the dentist will deal with. The cause of the infection will be the main issue they will focus on since the infection can come back later if the cause is not resolved first. The cause can be anything from poor dental hygiene to cavities.

Once the infection is taken care of, dealing with the tooth itself will be easier for a Cosmetic Dentist in St George UT. A dentist will more than likely perform a root canal on the tooth to remove the nerve, preventing future infection. Once a root canal is performed; the tooth will require a filling and crown to restore it. In more serious cases, repairing the tooth will not be an option. In these situations, the Cosmetic Dentist in St George UT, will usually choose to replace the tooth entirely after extracting it.

After a tooth extraction, the most common replacement method will be a dental implant. A dental implant is a porcelain tooth that is anchored to the jawbone with a metal anchor. The anchor itself acts as your tooth’s original root did, by exciting the bone growth in your jaw bone. This makes them a healthier choice when compared to dentures, which typically wear down the bone as you chew over the years.

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