Frequently Asked Questions About Platelet Rich Plasma Injections In Moore

Living with the wrist, elbow or knee pain is frustrating and it reduces a person’s quality of life. Individuals who have chronic pain in these areas of the body may benefit from contacting a professional Platelet Rich Plasma Injections Moore area doctor. If you’re interested in learning more about this procedure, read the frequently asked questions below.

Q.) What is platelet rich plasma and how does it control pain?

A.) To make platelet rich plasma, blood is first drawn from the patient who will be receiving the injection. The platelets are removed from the blood and they go through a process called centrifugation. During this process, the concentration of the platelets is increased. All of the platelets are then placed back into the blood and an experienced Platelet Rich Plasma Injections Moore area doctor administers it as an injection at the site of the pain. Proteins are one of the components of platelets and these proteins contain growth factors that can help in the healing process and with pain relief. Click here to learn more.

Q.) What are some common conditions that platelet rich plasma injections are used to treat?

A.) Patients who have tendon injuries, such as tennis elbow or Achilles tendinitis, may benefit from having this procedure. These injections are also used to treat muscle injuries, such as pulled hamstrings and sprained knees. During surgery for specific procedures, including torn rotator cuffs and torn knee ligaments, platelet rich plasma injections are sometimes used to help speed up the healing time of damaged tissues.

Q.) Is pain relief immediate after having platelet rich plasma injections?

A.) Patients normally do not have immediate relief right after a professional Platelet Rich Plasma Injections Moore area doctor administers the injections. After a few days, when function and mobility begins returning to the injured muscle or tendon, the pain subsides. Some patients report less pain in as little as two weeks after the procedure and pain relief often lasts for up to nine months.

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