Gaining a better understanding of Osteoarthritis Treatment

Osteoarthritis of the knee can result in reduced mobility and pain for those suffering from this condition. However there are options available to provide relief from ongoing pain. One of the most revolutionary treatment options available includes combining a variety of approaches. With multiple approaches, there is a greater chance of resolving the condition. The Osteoarthritis treatment that is recommended includes a combination of unloading knee braces, rehabilitation equipment, and working with a rehabilitatio therapist. In addition, it is recommended to provide the patients with viscosupplementation therapy to reduce the chance of needing knee replacement surgery.

Viscosupplementation Therapy

In the past, patients experiencing Osteoarthritis had a high chance of undergoing risky knee replacement surgery. With the results not guaranteed, there was no stable way to predict the outcome of the surgery and recovery time was extensive. Now there is Viscosupplementation therapy available to provide a unique and innovative Osteoarthritis treatment.

This non surgical option is minimally invasive and results in a fast recovery time for patients receiving it. The injection does not require excessive downtime which is one of the main advantages of this Osteoarthritis treatment. During the procedure, a thick liquid is injected into the knee joint. The Hyaluronate serves the purpose of lubricating the joint which reduces the pain and treats the Osteoarthritis. By improving the lubrication in the knee, patients can experience a drastic improvement while being able to increase their activity levels significantly.

At Rockville Pain Relief Center, we utilize a proprietary method which begins with a complete digital ultrasound. This allows us to obtain a real time picture of the structures of the knee. An X-Ray and monitor allows us to view exactly where the injection site will be for enhanced accuracy during the Osteoarthritis treatment. This is a natural and minimally invasive technique that results in a major improvement for patients. Learn more about our services by visiting us at You can also connect with them  on Facebook.

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