General Dentistry in Ahwatukee Treatments can Help Prevent Some Cancers

When a person keeps their mouth healthy, they are keeping their entire body healthier. Dental problems such as cavities and gum disease are caused by bacteria. These germs can enter the bloodstream and travel throughout the body. Medical research has proven that the same bacteria that cause gum disease also causes heart disease.

In 2007 researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health uncovered a link between gum disease and cancer. They found that men with advanced gum disease had 63 percent higher chance of pancreatic cancer. Even moderate gum disease increases a person’s chance of having cancer by 14 percent. This includes kidney, lung, and blood cancer. Given these frightening statistics, it makes sense for people to find a General Dentistry in Ahwatukee office to maintain good dental health. Click here to get more details.

Gum disease is easily prevented and treated. The first line of treatment is prevention. Most people should have their teeth professionally cleaned every six months. A dental hygienist cleans plaque off of the surface of the tooth and below the gumline. Although plaque looks like a harmless clear film, it is really a bacteria colony. If not removed from the tooth it will form a hard crust that bonds with the tooth enamel. If the plaque and other debris are not removed, they often lead to gum disease. When the dental hygienist identifies an early case of gum disease, she alerts the dentist.

The dentist can perform a deep cleaning at and below the gumline to remove the bacteria. Pockets can form between the tooth and gum. The dentist may place a small amount of antibiotic gel in them to ensure that all of the bacteria are killed. It may also be necessary for the patient to be treated with an antibiotic. Advanced cases of gum disease can lead to tooth loss and degradation of the bone. It may be necessary for an oral surgeon to perform a bone graft to reinforce the jawbone.

Once a person has gum disease, he is more susceptible to another case. Professionals in a General Dentistry in Ahwatukee office may tell him that he needs to have his teeth and gums cleaned every three months to prevent a relapse. Guaranteed Dental Solutions is one of the dental offices that can prevent, identify and treat gum disease.

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