Missing Teeth Can Be Replaced With Full Dentures

There are many factors that can cause a person to lose all of their natural teeth. Gum disease and decay are common culprits. Those without their teeth can find it difficult to be able to eat normally. Often, people are forced to endure eating soft foods or even a liquid diet. People who do not have teeth find it difficult to speak and eat in front of others. The shame of their missing teeth can affect their life in profound ways. With Full Dentures, a person’s teeth can be replaced so they can enjoy eating and being social again.

For a person to be given dentures, they must go through a couple of different steps. The first step involves the dentist examining their gum tissues to make sure they are healthy enough for full dentures to rest on them. Those with gum disease and oral cancer are not good candidates for dentures because they can make their condition worse.

To ensure a pair of dentures fits a person’s mouth and remains comfortable and fully functional, the dentist will create impressions of the gums. Impressions are important because they are sent to the dental lab so the dentures can be created specifically for the patient. With the right fit, people can avoid painful gums caused by their dentures slipping around in their mouth.

Most people find there to be a slight learning curve when it comes to getting used to wearing dentures for the first time. Suddenly having a mouth full of teeth after having none can be difficult to grow accustomed to. As a person’s gum tissue begins to toughen, they will feel less irritation. This is why people need to make sure they continue to wear their dentures for the first few weeks to help this process go more quickly.

People who are missing teeth no longer have to suffer in embarrassment. Visit Smile Solutions PC and learn how they can assist you in overcoming your smile issues. With dentures, you can eat the foods you once were unable to and can smile at the world with confidence. Call the office today and schedule your appointment to get started.

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