Seeing a Root Canal Specialist in Vancouver WA for Treatment

Seeing a Root Canal Specialist in Vancouver WA does not have to be excruciating. In fact, with today’s technology, treatment is practically painless. But before going head-long into the procedure, it is best to know what a root canal entails. This article provides some of that information.

There is a popular belief that in cases of emergency or lack of time, a pulpotomy (removing a portion of the pulp) can be done to reduce pain. After this happens, a Root Canal Specialist in Vancouver WA will place a special additive in the tooth to practically “mummify” the pulp’s tissue. The only way to know exactly how far a root canal should go is to implement the use of electronic apex locators. With these devices, the duct can be determined with high accuracy, which rarely matches the apex seen radiographically. If these devices are not used in certain cases treatment failure is almost definite.

It is important to look for signs of wear on teeth as this will help minimize the possibility of fracture or breaks. Almost every dentist now uses titanium instruments because of their sterile properties. However, rotary nickel-titanium instruments should not be used more than six times. If dentists do no renew the instruments after a certain amount of uses, it can cause a fracture or separation of the instrument within the duct.

In some cases, the endodontically treated tooth should be restored by using a post and a crown. When cleaning the duct, it is important to have at least five most apical millimeters; otherwise, you may lose the apical seal, mainly because there are a lot of accessible canals. A lack of knowledge of root anatomy can cause a root perforation. There is a mistaken belief that posts reinforce roots. However, the use of posts weakens the root slightly, especially in the case of very wide and deeply recessed poles. A post should be a substructure that allows the union of the root stump that will receive the coronal restoration.

Leaving sealer or cement in the cavity is a huge problem. If this happens, there will pigmentation after endodontic treatment. Therefore, it is extremely important to cut the sealant off at the entrance of the ducts and then clean the remaining with alcohol. Endodontics is a key to the preservation of teeth that would otherwise have to be extracted. For more information, contact Lewis Family Dentistry or their Facebook page.

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