The Various Kinds of Dental Implants you can get from a Dentist in Pleasantville

The prospect of undergoing some kind of dental surgery is one that is very frightening to say the least. Much of the fear of the dentist results from the fear of the drill or surgery to correct imperfections or dangerous conditions on our teeth. server hosting info . Dental implants refer to artificial teeth that are used as substitutes for the missing teeth. They serve as the crown for the roots and are usually installed above or inside the jawbone.

Dental implants are made using titanium due to its capability to blend with the bone. They are critical to preventing bone loss in instances where someone has lost a tooth or multiple teeth. While the procedure of inserting the dental implants look frightening and they may take months to heal, they serve a very important function that cannot be understated. The dental implants will give you a feeling of the real tooth as compared to dentures which simply “float” on your gums. Most importantly, they prevent bone loss in the area where a tooth or teeth have been lost which in severe cases can lead to the deformation of the face.

When you are planning to have a dental implant in Pleasantville, it is important to understand the various types that are currently in use in dental practice.

The root form

This dental implant looks very similar to the root of the tooth and has cylindrical form. It is installed on the jawbone and will fuse with the bone while the gum heals around it. The root form dental implants will result in an artificial tooth which will be indistinguishable from the other normal natural teeth.

Plate form

Where the width of your jaws might not permit the installation of the root form dental implants, the dentist will insert the plate form. This is done on the side of the jaw and also consists of titanium plate which fuses well with the bone material. Like in the root form, the plate form dental implant is equally indistinguishable from the normal teeth in your mouth.

Sub-Periosteal Frame

In this kind of dental implants, the metallic plate is inserted below the gum. This will involve removing the gum to the jawbone and then inserting the plate just above the jawbone. The gum will heal over time to cover the inserted metal frame that is in touch with the jawbone while leaving the artificial roots which look like real teeth exposed.

Transosteal dental implants

This will involve a much more elaborate process where the dental implants will be installed not above or on the side but inside the jawbone. The dentist will have to drill the jawbone to insert the plates. It will take much longer to heal than the rest but result in a firm artificial tooth while preserving your jawbone.

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