What Can You Expect From Wisdom Teeth Extraction?

Facing having your wisdom teeth taken out can be a little scary. This is especially so if you do not know what to expect from the procedure. Since wisdom teeth can often be problematic, many people opt to have their teeth removed as soon as they turn eighteen. If you are in need of Wisdom Teeth Extraction, this information will help you to know what to expect so you can be properly prepared. Extraction can help to relieve pain and remove impacted teeth.

When a dentist decides you need your wisdom teeth removed, they will typically decide to remove all four at one time. If one tooth is giving you problems, chances are the others will eventually follow suit. Removing all of your teeth at once can help to prevent further problems from arising.

To remove your teeth, the dentist must first give you anesthetic. Many dentists use general anesthetic during the procedure because it allows their patients to safely sleep while having their teeth removed. In this way, you will feel no pain or discomfort while having your teeth worked on.

The removal process varies by patient. In some instances, the teeth must be cut out because the roots are twisted or wrapped around the jawbone. The dentist will most likely X-ray your teeth before they are removed so he or she knows how to proceed in the removal process.

Once your teeth have been safely removed, the sockets will be sutured closed. You may experience swelling and bruising after the procedure. This is normal and will last a few days. Your dentist will give you information on caring for your mouth after surgery so you can properly heal.

If you are in need of Wisdom Teeth Extraction, contact Sunnylane Family Dentistry. He and his staff will work to protect the health of your teeth so you can have a healthy smile. Through a wisdom tooth extraction procedure, you can stop the pain and avoid problems with your oral health. If you want more information on this procedure and the other services available, visit Sunnylanefamilydentistry.com. Schedule your appointment right away. Or visit Here!

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