What Does It Take for a Person to Start Wearing Dentures?

Dentures were once considered rudimentary dental appliances that could not offer a natural look or function for those who had lost their teeth. Over the years, many advances have been made and today, people can feel fully comfortable and confident wearing these dental appliances because they look more natural than ever before and offer full functionality. With this information, people can better prepare themselves of what to expect when they see their dentist about false teeth.

When a person decides they want to wear Dentures, an appointment must be scheduled with the dentist. The dentist needs to determine whether or not the patient is a good candidate due to their jawbone structure and the health of their gums. The dentist will also need to make sure all teeth have been removed so the dental appliance will not be impeded.

Careful impressions must be taken of both gum plates to ensure a proper fit. The patient will bite down on a gummy-type material that instantly begins to harden into a dry foam impression. This impression will be used to make the pair of prosthetic teeth the patient will wear.

Many dentists now offer on-site dental labs, so patients do not have to wait weeks for their teeth to come back. This generally means a patient will be able to have their prosthetic teeth created the same day of their consultation appointment so they can immediately begin experiencing the benefits of tooth replacement.

To ensure these dental appliances do not become damaged and are able to offer proper tooth replacement, the dentist will need to instruct the patient on proper care. Using oral care products that are made specifically for the care of prosthetic teeth is important. It is also important the teeth are cleaned daily and are protected from being dropped or damaged in any way.

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