What Your Dentist Gilbert AZ Can Do About Decaying and Rotten Teeth

There are plenty of oral diseases known in the dentistry world. Almost all of them are related to hygiene and disease-causing bacteria. At the same time, most of them are treated with modern drugs and the latest dental techniques. Hardly no one is scared of cavities, but that is because they know it can be sealed. The same applies to tooth loss. You can always visit a Dentist Gilbert AZ and have it treated. Click here for more details!

However, there is another condition of the teeth, which has not been studied in full. Rotten teeth is a separate kind of disease. Often it affects several teeth and causes human isolation. However, no bleaching and no fillings will help a patient get rid of this problem.

Symptomatology of the disease

Onset of the disease is characterized by the appearance of black on the tooth’s surface. It is possible that the process starts at the root. In this case, the defect is not visible to the naked eye. At the same time, the affected area will have an increase of tooth pain. Over time, the crown of the tooth is destroyed completely. The nerve of the tooth will undergo decomposition, and the pain subsides. In that case, the process extends to the roots, where there is swelling. All tooth decay processes are accompanied by halitosis.

Causes of tooth decay

Causes of the disease are many. To begin with, it should be noted that plenty of causes begin through the fault of the patient. One of these faults is smoking. Heavy resin is generated when burning a cigarette, which contributes to the formation of brown plaque. In addition, this has a negative impact on the state of the enamel and decay’s destructive nature.

Your local Dentist Gilbert AZ state that similar properties are characterized by the effects of alcohol and drugs. All of these substances not only have local effects on the teeth, but they have overall body complications. They poison the body from the inside, which is a cause of tooth decay. And when you consider that these addictions are often accompanied by lack of hygiene, it becomes clear that the development of the disease is serious. For more information on decay, contact Sossaman Dental Health and Implant Center today.

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