When to See an In Office Oral Surgeon in Ypsilanti, MI

An in-office oral surgeon in Ypsilanti MI is an individual who has undergone training to assist patients with dental implants, wisdom tooth removal, TMJ and more. Along with treating common dental issues, the surgeon helps those suffering from a broken jaw and those who have lost a tooth or had one broken due to a trauma. In addition, when a person is diagnosed with jaw cancer or any form of oral cancer, they may be referred to a specialist of this type as part of their treatment plan.

The oral surgeon spends four years in dental school before moving on to a four years hospital surgical residency. During this training, the surgeon learns to detect and diagnose any diseases or defects found in the teeth, gums, mouth and jaw. They also learn preventative techniques for diseases affecting these structures. There are times when a person visits the emergency room, and this is their first contact with this specialist, as the treating doctor sees something of concern and wants an opinion from someone with specialized training.

An oral surgeon also undergoes advanced anesthesia training, so he or she can help patients with pain management. He or she determines whether the patient needs local anesthesia or if general anesthesia is called for. In most cases, lidocaine is used in place of Novocaine, as lidocaine tends to be effective for a longer period of time. In the event general anesthesia is called for, the surgeon will request that the patient has someone to drive them home following their procedure, thus patients need to keep this in mind.

Schedule an appointment with an In-Office Oral Surgeon in Ypsilanti MI. Dental pain is miserable to live with, and there is help available. In the event a patient has problems choosing between oral surgeons, the best place to ask is at the general dentist office. In addition, patients must make certain the surgeon accepts their insurance plan. He or she also needs to be comfortable with the surgeon and the procedure to be performed. With the help of this professional, an individual can correct many dental issues, but only when the right person is selected. Therefore, this process should never be rushed, and a patient should have all questions and concerns addressed before proceeding.

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