Why a Dentist Office in Arlington, TX May Recommend a Cap or Crown

When a Dentist office in Arlington TX recommends a tooth be capped, patients may often wonder what he or she means. This is nothing more than a dental crown, which most people are already familiar with. The reason the dentist may refer to it as a cap is that it will cover either a whole section of the tooth or the complete tooth, capping that area. However, the crown or cap must be made to the person’s unique mouth to ensure it fits properly and provides the desired level of protection. What must a patient know before agreeing to a procedure of this type?

Why a Crown as Opposed to a Filling?

The decay in a tooth may be so great that there is not enough natural material left to support a filling. At this time, a crown will be recommended. Furthermore, crowns are often advised when there is concern that the filling won’t be enough to protect the tooth from infection or further damage. This ensures the teeth are able to function as intended. In addition, a crown is needed after a root canal as blood supply to that tooth has been cut off. The tooth will become weak and brittle as a result, thus a crown is needed.

When Crowns May Be Recommended

The dentist will likely suggest the patient get a crown when a tooth has been chipped or broken. This helps to prevent further breakage of the tooth, which can lead to an infection. Large fillings may need to be replaced with a crown, as they aren’t secure, and badly decayed teeth often need this treatment to halt the spread of bacteria. Ask the dentist why he or she is recommending this option, as they will be happy to share this information with you.

To learn more about dental crowns or caps, call Carrier Dentistry, a Dentist office in Arlington TX. The staff will be more than happy to provide additional information about this common procedure, its benefits, and drawbacks, the cost and more. When patients have this information, they can make a decision as to whether a crown is right for their needs or if they need to explore other options. Crowns remain a viable choice for many, so keep this in mind when speaking to your dental professional. You may find it is the right solution for you.

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