Month: October 2011


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Thing of Beauty is a joy for ever

For many people, cosmetic dentistry used to just mean getting braces on their teeth. There were other things, such as having caps put on to whiten the teeth or correct other types of flaws, but those kinds of things were just for the rich or famous since it was...

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Braving your Dental Inhibitions

According to the Dental Organisation of Conscious Sedation (DOCS), thirty percent of the people do not visit their dentist out of fear. This fear arises out of a previous bad experience or from someone’s description of their experience or simply from an anticipation...

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Natural cures to manmade ailments

Bad breath can be a great source of embarrassment and shame, not only for the person affected but also for the person who is unfortunate enough to take on the role of telling that person that he or she has bad breath. Fortunately, there are many bad breath therapies...

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A comfortable way to align your teeth!!

Gone are the times when one had to bear with braces to align their teeth. Gone is the need to go through the pain of wearing them all the time and of restricting the food that you eat. Move over metal. Enter Invisalign, the new, improved and painless technique of...

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