3 Signs you need to see an Emergency Dentist in Clayton

Medical emergencies can happen at any time. The fear is that someone will not be available to help when you need him or her. Yes, there is always the hospital ER, but if you are heading there for a dental concern, they will most likely give you medication for the pain and tell you to see a dentist to deal with the problem. Luckily, there is an emergency dentist in Clayton, to assist you with emergency dental issues.

Trouble Swallowing or Breathing

Usually, if you are having trouble breathing or swallowing, you would resort to a hospital visit. However, this trouble could be coming from an abscess or infection in your mouth. Trouble breathing or swallowing is always an emergency but, if a dental issue causes it, you should get immediate care from an emergency dentist in Clayton.

Excruciating Pain and Swollenness

Toothaches tend to cause extreme pain, but they can be treated with medication until your next scheduled dentist visit. If you took a dose of pain medication and the pain has yet to subside after time, or you start to see extreme swelling, it is a dental emergency. This could be an infected cavity or a serious laceration of soft tissue in your gums and definitely needs immediate dental attention.

Jaw Dislocation or Fracture

If you are suffering from what appears to be a jaw dislocation or fracture, it is ultimately your preference to seek emergency dental care or go to the hospital. Keep in mind that dentists are trained professionals that can handle anything that is going on in the oral area better than anyone else. A dentist, particularly an emergency dentist, should handle any trauma involving the mouth or the facial area close to the mouth. Emergency dentists like Dr. Eric J Aubert are also trained in implants and surgical procedures to assist broken or fractured bones.

Before going to the ER for your next medical emergency, ask yourself if a dentist could assist you better. An emergency dentist can assist you with any pain, discomfort, or serious injury immediately and effectively. This is a better alternative to being on pain medication at the hospital that does not fix the actual problem.

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