3 Tips to Prepare for Root Canals in Alexandria, VA

When you’re having a dental procedure done, it is important to know what to expect. Discuss what will take place, with your dentist, so you can prepare for the procedure which needs to be done. Here are three tips to prepare for a root canal.

Avoid taking Medications

If you take medications, discuss them with your dentist to see if you should take them the morning of the root canal. Some medications will cause the blood to thin, which could cause too much bleeding during root canals in Alexandria, VA. If you use life sustaining medications, then your dentist will discuss them with you, and provide instructions for taking them the day of the procedure.

Follow Dental Instructions

An endocrinologist is a specialist who performs root canals, and they will give you instructions to follow before arriving at their office. They will include when to stop eating or drinking the previous evening, which is usually around midnight. These instructions are important to follow as food or liquids can be accidentally aspirated during the procedure, causing you to choke.

Wear Comfortable Clothing

It is important to be as relaxed as possible during Alexandria root canals, and wearing tight clothing doesn’t lend itself to comfort. Sometimes a root canal is considered a surgical procedure, so you shouldn’t plan to be at work the day it is done. If it isn’t done surgically, then you may be able to resume your regular schedule, but it is better if you dress comfortably and allow yourself to recover before continuing with your day.

Root canals are not quick procedures, so you may be in the office for two to three hours, depending on how extensive your root canal happens to be. Follow the endocrinologist’s aftercare instructions to ensure the tooth and gum heal properly afterwards.

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