A General Dentist in Pine Brook for the Entire Family

Many people consider that trip to the dentist as something that is done only when that painful dental emergency occurs. Then it is a matter of how fast they can get an appointment and how fast they can speed down the highway to the office. However, they should realize that regular dental appointments can prevent that emergency situation from happening in the first place. Regular visits to see the dentist and a dental team can give you a healthy mouth and a healthy outlook on life. Just a few regularly scheduled visits to a General Dentist in Pine Brook can take the apprehension away from that once dreaded office visit.

First the patient will fill out the necessary forms so that the doctor is away of any medical issues or allergies that may exist. Then a general exam will be performed to access the current condition of the patient’s mouth and even check for oral cancers can be found when completely treatable. X-rays will be taken so that teeth and jaw structure can be properly viewed.

Another appointment may have a dental hygiene professional thoroughly clean each tooth with much more depth than one can do on their own with their toothbrush. Often this person will also recommend the right toothbrush or brushing technique for the patient to continue on their own.

After the patients mouth is as healthy as it can be, future treatments to make that smile as perfect as possible may be discussed. This is commonly known as Cosmetic Dentistry or dentistry that puts focus on the total aesthetic look of the patient’s smile. Treatments can include dental crowns to repair cracked or broken teeth. Dental bridges can fill large spaces where teeth have shifted or fallen out. Veneers can be fit to cover teeth that are chipped or have moved slightly astray. Clear braces now replace the metal mouths of old. Adults will not mind straightening their teeth when no one knows but the doctor and the patient himself. Tooth whitening can take the stains off one’s teeth and make them a shade of white that a movie star would envy.

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