A Pediatric Dentist in Dallas Provides Advice When Children Develop Cavities

Sometimes a checkup by a pediatric dentist in Dallas is a wake-up call for a child’s parents. If a youngster has a few cavities, that’s a sign there’s a problem with oral hygiene or too many sweet foods. The child probably would also benefit from sealants placed on the back teeth to protect them.

Substances to Avoid

A pediatric dentist in Dallas would prefer that patients avoid sugary foods and beverages completely. The same is true for products like chewy fruit-flavored snacks and sugary cereal. Juice can be a problem when kids sip it throughout the day.

It’s difficult to restrict children this much, though, especially since they probably see friends and classmates routinely consuming these substances. Yet snacking on sweet foods and drinking soda are significant risks for tooth decay.

Changing Habits

Parents might allow their kids to drink juice or soft drinks in one sitting instead of sipping them all day. Brushing teeth after eating sugary cereal in the morning is advisable. Youngsters who snack on cookies or other sweet foods after school should drink some water or milk to rinse away the sugar.

Improving Oral Hygiene

Brushing two or three times each day with fluoride paste and flossing daily also are effective measures for preventing cavities. Children may benefit from sealants, which are thin plastic coatings the dentist or hygienist paints on the teeth. The coatings block food particles, sugar, bacteria, and acid.

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