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Plenty of people are fearful of seeing their local dentist, even if it’s just for a simple check-up and a clean. But it’s actually really important to have your teeth checked regularly, not just for cavities, but also to prevent other more serious health problems in the long run.

Studies have found that the risk of serious health issues like heart attacks and stroke actually increase due to unhealthy teeth and tooth decay. Those diseased teeth and gums may actually be doing you more harm than simply denting your smile and your self-esteem, so it’s actually very important to visit your local dental professional at least twice per year for a check-up and clean.

What to Expect When Seeing Your Local Dental Professional

Seeing your local dentist need not be a traumatic experience. Many dentists understand that people experience anxiety and fear, and adopt a caring and gentle bedside manner that makes patients feel at ease. In fact, you can find a dentist in Lexington, SC that understands patient fears and strives to provide a welcoming clinical environment.

Once you are sitting in that chair, there are two things that you should expect to happen: the check-up and the cleaning.

The Check-Up Process

During the check-up, the following things will be done:

*   Checking for holes, cracks and cavities in the teeth
*   Checking for tartar build-up and plaque. Tartar is difficult to remove with a regular toothbrush because it is a hardened layer of plaque
  Checking the gums for gum disease, and measuring the spaces between teeth
*   During this initial process, a dental professional will also look to see if there are other general health problems, including the throat, the neck, the tongue and the face

The Cleaning Process

After the mandatory check-up, a dental professional will proceed to clean teeth. If tartar is present on and around teeth, it is very difficult to remove with regular teeth brushing at home. This is where the cleaning process becomes important, and will include:

*   The removal of hardened tartar build-up with a special dentist’s tool. It may feel a little odd at first, but the scraping is necessary to remove the tartar and maintain healthy teeth. This removal of tartar is called scaling.
    *   After the removal of tartar around the teeth, most dentists apply a gritty paste to the teeth and proceed to polish them. This helps to remove stains.
*   Finally, flossing may be applied to your teeth to remove any plaque and food that are trapped between the teeth. This is especially important if the spaces between the teeth are very narrow and tight.

The Importance of a Visit to a Dental Professional

Even though many people experience a lot of anxiety when it comes to seeing their dental professional, regular yearly visits are important for the health of teeth and overall general health and well-being.

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