A Variety of Cosmetic Dentistry Services Makes People’s Teeth Look Normal

A Variety of Cosmetic Dentistry Services can improve a person’s smile with procedures such as whitening teeth, covering discolored or chipped teeth, and filling gaps between teeth. People want their teeth to look as nice as possible, but often an accident or just general daily routine causes unwanted changes.

A tooth can be chipped if a person gets into a bicycle collision, for example, and teeth gradually become discolored due to habits such as drinking coffee and black tea. Over-the-counter whitening products can have inconsistent results, and sometimes don’t work at all. Individuals who want their smile rejuvenated will be impressed with the results they achieve when having whitening done by a professional.

A person may be mystified as to how A Variety of Cosmetic Dentistry Services can fill a gap between teeth. This is normally done by applying porcelain veneers to two adjacent teeth to fill a gap between them. It’s a fast and effective way of dealing with one orthodontic problem instead of getting dental braces.

Another example of cosmetic dentistry that people might consider involves replacing metal fillings with more natural-looking resin composite ones. That may not be so important for teeth way in the back, but when that silver-colored metal flashes as a person smile or laughs, it can decrease self-confidence. Today’s filling materials can barely be noticed unless someone looks closely, which is a huge difference compared with metal amalgam fillings.

Some individuals are a little nervous about mercury in those metal fillings, even though the mercury content is negligible. Nevertheless, they may feel more comfortable with having the old fillings removed and new, more natural-colored ones in their place.

These problems don’t only affect adults, which is why you want Gentle dentistry for your entire family. Children and teenagers are susceptible to teeth damage during rowdy play and athletic games. Cosmetic dentistry from a practice such as Carrier Dentistry can make their teeth look normal again. Chipped teeth can be made whole with bonding materials or with the application of veneers. If the tooth nerve has been severely damaged and a root canal is necessary, a crown or veneer covers the discolored tooth, giving the tooth a compatible size and color to adjacent teeth.

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