Advantages and Disadvantages of Implant Dentistry in Hattiesburg, MS

by | Jan 9, 2014 | Dental Care


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Having a beautiful smile is at the forefront of beauty and aesthetics these days. Cosmetic dentistry has never been so popular. In fact, famous actors and music artists have turned to dental implants (along with veneers, etc.) to correct issues with their smile. Dental implants reduce the workload on the remaining oral/teeth structures by providing independent support and retention for crowns, bridges and over-dentures. Here are some advantages and disadvantages associated with the procedure.


1. The preserve natural tooth structure to avoid the necessity of cutting teeth adjacent to conventional bridges.

2. Implants preserve bone and significantly reduce bone deterioration and resorption, resulting in a loss of height of the maxilla.

3. These devices have been shown to reduce the need for subsequent restorative interventions of adjacent teeth.

4. The long-term data on implants suggest that they last much longer than conventional restorations on teeth.

5. Loose or poorly fitting dentures can be replaced with better support, stability and retention by implant over-dentures.

6. They help control/improve facial contour that minimizes premature wrinkles.

7. Over-dentures on implants may help you better chew food and speak more clearly. Many studies have shown that they help improve masticatory efficiency and speech, compared with complete dentures.


1. A surgical procedure for the placement of implants and a healing period must be completed before the prosthesis can be necessary.

2. The procedures for placement of

3. Implant Dentistry in Hattiesburg, MS

4. may involve an increase in cost compared to conventional dentistry.

5. Fractures in mechanics with attachments, bridges, fixing or loosening bolts on the bridge abutments. So far, reported occurrences have occurred in less than 5% of patients. Trauma to the mouth or jaw could cause mechanical failure and complications.

6. Fracture of porcelain crowns and bridges is much more prevalent than in natural teeth, mainly due to lack of shock absorption between implants and bone.

Smile Time Family Dentistry has been specializing in general and cosmetic dentistry for years. Their helpful dentists and staff will guide you to a better, healthier smile. Implants are a fantastic way to replace a tooth (or teeth), but there are other ways to repair your smile. To find out which way is the best, it is a good idea to contact your local dentist and schedule a consultation at once.

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