Common Questions Answered About Dental Health Care Services In Roseburg Oregon

People who practice good oral care have healthy teeth and gums and they feel better about their appearance. A professional dental health care services Roseburg Oregon area dentist provides various services to patients so they can maintain healthy teeth and a beautiful smile. The information below will answer common questions that people often ask about dental care and the various procedures performed by a dentist.

Q.) How does a dentist help a patient have healthy teeth and gums?

A.) When patients visit a dentist for a routine exam and cleaning, a dental hygienist cleans and polishes their teeth. The dentist exams the patient’s teeth and gums, and looks for tooth decay and signs of gum disease. The dentist also looks for teeth that are chipped, broken or loose. During the examination, the dentist also examines the jaw, tongue and the inside of a patient’s mouth to check for signs of oral cancer or other abnormalities.

Q.) What can a patient expect if the dentist discovers a cavity?

A.) If a patient has tooth decay, the patient will have to schedule an appointment to get the cavity filled. During the appointment, the dental health care services Roseburg Oregon area dentist cleans out the decay in the tooth and places a filling in the opening of the tooth. Patients can have their choice of dental fillings, which include amalgam or silver fillings or a resin material that’s the same color as their teeth.

Q.) What types of procedures can a dentist perform on patients who have stained or yellowed teeth?

A.) There are various types of cosmetic dental procedures that are performed by a dental health care services Roseburg Oregon area dentist that will improve the appearance of discolored teeth. These procedures include porcelain veneers, bonding, and tooth whitening. Porcelain veneers are thin tooth coverings that are placed over the surface of the teeth. A dentist performs bonding by applying a resin material over the front of the teeth and then hardening the substance with a special light.

A patient can also have their teeth whitened professionally at a dental office to remove the stains on their teeth. Business Name provides comprehensive dental care including general and cosmetic dentistry.

The various procedures performed at this clinic include cleanings, exams, periodontal services, bonding and teeth whitening. Visit here to know about skilled staff for dental health care services.

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