Dental Solutions That Work for You

With the number of cosmetic dental solutions available to you today, there is no reason that you should feel forced to live with a smile of which you cannot be proud. Our Lincoln Park dentists have a number of treatments that can be used for all types of issues, including crooked teeth, tooth gaps, stains and even cracked teeth. We can help you restore your own teeth, provide you with beautiful new teeth and even cover up spots on your teeth that embarrass you.

One of the most popular treatments that our Lincoln Park dentists offer is tooth whitening. This in-office treatment is fast and far more effective than over-the-counter treatments are thanks to the strong whitening solution and our precise application. In less than an hour, you can experience incredible stain reduction and whiter teeth.

We can adjust your teeth or make your teeth appear straighter with several solutions. Veneers are thin coverings for your teeth that can produce small changes for minor problems, such as chips in the enamel and gaps. Dental bonding is another easy solution for making small changes to teeth that are not completely perfect. We also offer such services as dental implants, Invisalign and dental crowns to improve your entire oral care experience. If you have let fear of going to the dentist keep you from getting great treatments, consider oral sedation to decrease anxiety.

Today, you no longer have to live with teeth that make you embarrassed to smile. There are an array of cosmetic dental treatments that can restore the natural beauty of your teeth.

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