Dentists for Cavity Solutions, Appointments in Chicago, Illinois

There are many inconveniences that can happen when your teeth show signs of decay. Cavities are a common ailment that dentists see on a daily basis. These can be dealt with easily when they are found in their early stages. Even cavities on children’s baby teeth should be addressed. Pain and illness can result when they are not treated. Different options can be assessed in Chicago, Illinois today.


Fillings are the most common repair options for cavities. The decayed area is removed, and the tooth is cleaned out. Once the offending material is gone, your tooth is safe from harm. A filling is added to make the tooth appear normal and to seal off the hole. This keeps further debris from entering the opening. It also allows you to chew normally. Popular options today include fillings that match the tooth’s natural color. This can be a great relief for those who do not want a noticeable repair.

Other Solutions

Sometimes a cavity is quite large. However, it is still not affecting the root. Dentists may opt to place a cap or crown on teeth with a large complication. This allows for complete coverage of the affected area. Children are often fitted with these when the tooth is a non-permanent one. The cap, or crown, simply comes out with the tooth when it falls out. Visit an office in Chicago, Illinois to discuss available options for your unique situation.

Cavities can be quite painful. A repair can help to resolve sensitivity and discomfort while eating. The different options are dependent on the extent of the damage and age of the patient. Cavities are usually able to be remedied easily, and quickly.

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