Enhance Your Smile With Whiter Teeth

When you are unhappy with the way your teeth look there are a number of ways to whiten them considerably. Before you arrange to have your teeth whitened it is always a good idea to make an appointment with a West Loop dental office and have your teeth cleaned professionally. Once this has taken place the dentist will be in a far better position to know if your teeth are good candidates for whitening.

Although the majority of patients can have their teeth whitened, there are a few circumstances that will prevent the procedure from resulting in the expected results.

Teeth that have been treated with porcelain or resin veneers or teeth that have been bonded cannot be whitened. The materials that are used in these procedures are not natural; hence the teeth are as white as they are ever going to be. The color that was originally used in the treatment was chosen to closely match the color of the surrounding natural teeth. If the natural teeth are whitened there will be a visible difference which may not suit you.

If you have had a root canal at one time the tooth may not whiten.

If your teeth color favors gray or brown the process may not be as successful as hoped for. The best candidates are those that have a yellow tinge to their teeth.
Tooth whitening takes place in the dentin, the tooth layer beneath the enamel. Enamel is clear or semi-translucent so the underlying color is that which is visible. The dentin can pick up stains from such things as coffee, tea, red wine and smoking. When the dentin is exposed to hydrogen peroxide and UV light, the teeth appear whiter and brighter in as little as one treatment.

Although there are over the counter teeth whitening products you will see better and faster results when you visit a West Loop dental office for professional treatment.

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