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Pact-one has the solution to the everyday procedures that make your dental network function smoothly.  When your dental network is ready to function at the highest possible level, turn to Pact-one for solutions.  The professional staff has remarkable levels of expertise in the most current advances in dentistry and present the most effective equipment and software systems in the market.  In fact, the Pact-One staff has several decades of combined experience, and has spent literally thousands of hours going through certification and training classes with dental technology vendors so that they can stay up to date with the leading industry advances.

Whether a brand-new or established dental network, Pact-one will assist you to through the decision process and with the installation of all types of equipment including, but not limited to brand new computers and laptops, x-ray machines, displays and servers.  The varieties of computers that are offered include administrative and dental systems, iPads, tablets, laptop computers, Android system computers, and application of paperless office systems.  The selection of computer monitors that are available include high quality dental monitors, medical sealed monitors, touch screen monitors and LCD TVs.

Additional options for managers attempting to propel their dental network to the front of the power curve include components, audio/visual, and data security programs.  Accessories encompass monitor mounts, scanners, printers, network switches, firewalls and digital security solutions, signature pads, batteries and battery backups, and security cameras.  Pact-one can help your dental network in the installation of data security solutions, including backups, e-dataguard, firewalls/routers, anti-virus and anti-spyware software and computer/security upgrades.

The intention mission at Pact-One is integrity and honesty.  As a dental technology company, Pact-One performs as independent dental consultants and dental technicians entirely committed to assist you the advantage of your dental network.  Our goal is to make solutions plain, logical and simple to execute.  The words we use to break down your alternate options to you is uncomplicated, we would like to be as transparent as possible in order to help your decision making process.  We offer integration and networking solutions that match your price range and your future.

Being on the leading edge of what the business has to offer, coupled with the optimum performance and integration of your dental network ,the doctor-patient connection benefits.  For additional ways to enhance your relationship with your client base through the integration of advanced technologies visit us at Sitename.

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