Find A Reliable Dentist for Dental Bridges In Elk Grove Village

Dental health can often be difficult to manage with a busy schedule. Many dental patients go through months of suffering from minor dental problems due to busy work and family related schedules that prevent them from seeing their dentist. This can lead to poor dental hygiene and overall health, often leaving patients with discomfort and pain in the process. Many Elk Grove Village area residents end up waiting until the pain is unbearable before they visit a dentist, often resulting in the loss of teeth or the development of serious dental issues. Without speedy and proper treatment, these issues can increase in severity rather quickly.

In some situations, serious dental problems can develop rapidly, while others may develop over months or years. No matter how bad the situation is, patients should always see their dentist as soon as a dental issue first arises. This will help reduce the amount of pain and discomfort they may be suffering as well as help them have a higher chance of saving their teeth. When a patient’s teeth are damaged beyond repair, many dentists will resort to removing the teeth entirely and replacing them. The removal process itself is called a tooth extraction. It involves the tooth being removed and then being replaced with dental implants or dental bridges in Elk Grove Village.

Dental implants are porcelain teeth that can be secured to the jaw using a metal anchor. This anchor acts as the original tooth’s roots would, promoting bone growth over time as the patient chews. Dental Bridges in Elk Grove Village, on the other hand, can be one or more teeth and are closer to dentures than implants. Bridges can also be anchored to the jaw with metal anchors to help them stay in place and promote bone growth as the patient chews. Unlike implants, however, bridges will only have one to two anchors, depending on the number of teeth being replaced. Dentures, however, will be used when several teeth are being replaced. The downside to dentures is that they will wear the bone beneath them over time. Visit Schumer Family Dental Care to learn more about dental procedures and dental hygiene.

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