Find The Best Dental Implant Services In Your Area

Dealing with dental problems can often be difficult. Not only do many dental issues cause discomfort while eating food or drinking liquids, they can also cause severe pain if not treated quickly. The longer a patient waits to get a dental problem assessed and treated, the more severe the problem can become. Many patients, unfortunately, go without dental treatment due to money issues or lack of time. This is why many dentists try to offer payment plans to patients with little or no income to help them get the treatment they need. Many reputable dentists, like Robert S. Ogden DDS PA, can help with a variety of dental issues at affordable costs for any budget.

When it comes to dealing with severe dental issues, like broken or decayed teeth, dentists will often prefer to extract the damage tooth entirely. If the decay or damage is too severe, the tooth may not be able to be repaired properly with a crown or veneer. In most cases, a dentist will prefer to extract the tooth entirely and replace it with a dental implant.

Perhaps, the dentists will offer Dental Implant Services, instead of bridges or dentures, due to how much healthier they are. Dental implants are porcelain teeth which are anchored to the jaw bone by a metal post. The dentist will first extract the tooth and then perform a bone graft to fill the socket. Once that is done, the anchor will be set in the bone and the implant screwed onto the anchor securely.

The anchor of an implant will act as a tooth’s roots would, promoting bone growth as the patient chews. Bridges and dentures, however, will degrade and depress bone in the jaws over time. Some bridges can be anchored in place, as well as some types of dentures, but this is a rare occurrence in the dental field. Many dentists who prefer Dental Implant Services will still perform procedures for dentures and bridges, especially if the patient cannot afford dental implants due to their cost. After the procedure for dental implants is performed, they will feel just like a normal tooth when eating or drinking.

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