Finding Good Professional Dentists in Ames IA

by | Aug 23, 2013 | Dental Care


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The best time to find a dentist is before you need one, not after you are suffering from a broken tooth or an abscess. A little work now to find good Professional Dentists in Ames IA can save you a lot of time and stress later on. Follow these tips on how to find a good dentist and you soon will have one less thing to worry about.

Ask for Recommendations

Are you moving to Ames, IA? Ask your current dentist to recommend a new dentist in Ames. You can also ask doctors, neighbors, friends in Ames or even local pharmacist for recommendations such as Swanson Family Dental. Although you should never select a dentist based solely on one person’s recommendations, these recommendations can help quickly get you in the right direction.

Check the Iowa Dental Board

The Iowa Dental Board’s website offers the public contact information for all members in their “Find a dentist” feature. Keep in mind that this is not a recommendation -; just a resource for contact information. Go to the Iowa Dental Board’s home page and find the “Consumers” tab. Under this tab, click on “Find a practitioner.”

Check Route to Dentist Office

You may have a good idea about where your prospective dentist is located, but a good idea just isn’t good enough. You need to absolutely know how to get to and from the office should a dental emergency strike. Time is of the essence for some emergencies like a broken or knocked out tooth. Is the drive easy for you? Is the office clearly signed? Is there enough parking? Is the parking lot located some distance away from the office? Do you need to use parking meters?

Check out the Office

Go inside the office and see what the waiting room is like. The office should be clean and free of junk or large piles of files. The staff should be polite. Keep in mind that if the office is extremely busy than you may have to wait a while before the staff can help answer your questions. Ask what the hygiene practices are. The staff should be glad to explain them to you.




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