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by | Jun 18, 2019 | Dental Care


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Everyone on this planet wants to have white teeth. A pair of white teeth is considered as a beauty that adds to the face. It is even is a sign of a healthy person, practicing healthy oral habits. A person can eventually consult a dentist in order to undergo the medical process of teeth whitening in Fishers IN.

People hate to disclose their yellowish teeth. It is held as a taboo in the society, even now a day. Therefore recently, there has been a trend of regular visits by the people to the dental clinics and seek the advice of the experts in order to regain the sparkling whiteness of their teeth. A set of sparkling white teeth definitely increases the beauty of any person, and even adds to his or her confidence.

In many cases, it is found that the cosmetic dentists are involved with the process of whitening of the teeth. In most of the cases, it is found that the teeth of the people generally tend to become yellow, rather than remaining white. Various reasons are responsible for the matter. There are even many procedures of whitening of the teeth, practiced by the quacks. However, it is indeed wise to get in touch with an experienced cosmetic dentist for the purpose.

Whitening of the teeth is eventually performed on the people who have yellowish teeth, or have surface stains. However, it should be taken into account that the degree of whitening of the teeth varies from patient to patient, depending on the degree of stains or yellowish appearance of the teeth. On the other hand, proper care should be undertaken after undergoing the process of teeth whitening; otherwise, the whitening effect might disappear again in case healthy oral habits are not maintained.

Process followed by the dentists for whitening the teeth of the patients
The cosmetic dentist might undertake a few process of treatment or procedure while undertaking teeth whitening. Although some of the techniques might result in temporary whitening of the teeth, yet they are quite effective in nature. However, the patient is always cautioned and is not encouraged to undergo regular whitening of their teeth. A few techniques followed for the purpose are as follows –

*     Internal bleaching

*     Light-accelerated bleaching

The process of internal bleaching is basically carried on devitalized tooth, generally the one that had undergone the therapy of root canal. In many cases, those teeth are discolored due to various factors and complications. The process involves bleaching of the tooth from inside rather than from over the surface of the tooth. This treatment often helps in retaining the whiteness of the teeth for a longer period.

Light-accelerated bleaching; often termed as laser bleaching, is also used to achieve teeth whitening by the dentists of Fishers IN. In the process, halogen light energy is commonly used for gaining acceleration for the bleaching process. The therapy involves light energy to react with the molecules of hydrogen peroxide, without over heating the tooth-pulp, thereby helping in the process of teeth whitening. The process takes merely half-an-hour to be completed.

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