Get Whiter Teeth With a Professional Cleaning by Cosmetic Dentists in Cincinnati

Thanks to new technology that is constantly being developed, Cosmetic Dentists Cincinnati are able to give patients a look that they can be proud of as well as functional teeth. No one is proud to have teeth that are yellowed and have visible tartar showing in between the front teeth. Some patients who have been considering having teeth whitening done may be pleasantly surprised at the dramatic improvement in the look of their teeth if they just come in and have them cleaned.

One of the simplest things to do to improve the look of your teeth is to get a teeth cleaning. This is not normally what we think of when we consider what services are offered by Cosmetic Dentists Cincinnati, but a simple cleaning can do wonders if it’s been several years since a patient has visited the dentist. Current suggestions from dentists are that patients come in at least twice a year for a cleaning. Dental insurance companies will usually pay for two cleanings per year. That is not to say that patients shouldn’t have more frequent cleanings. Some dentists suggest patients return every four months or even every three months for a cleaning.

When a patient comes in for a cleaning, the usual protocol is to bundle the cleaning service with bite wing x-rays and an exam from the dentist after the hygienist is done cleaning the teeth. If a patient is a first-time patient at a particular dentist’s office, the dentist will want to get the patient established with a good start, and that includes getting those x-rays, which allow the dentist to see decay and infection that may not be visible with a visual exam or by pressing instruments against the teeth to check for soft spots.

However, bite wing x-rays do not need to be done every year. Insurance companies will usually pay for those only once every several years anyway. The cleaning alone is usually $60 to $80 dollars. If the insurance pays for a cleaning and exam once every six months, then it may be affordable for the patient to come in every other time for just a cleaning without the exam expense, and to pay for that out of their own pocket.

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