How Accelerated Invisalign In West Loop Can Help You

Most people have heard of the Invisalign system before. You get clear tooth liners that cover the teeth and slowly do their magic to move your teeth into the correct position. It can take up to a year in some cases, but it is still a lot easier than traditional braces. However, the accelerated version in West Loop can be done in as little as five minutes each day.

With other clear retainers, you have to wear them all day and all night, removing them to eat and clean your teeth. The newer version uses vibration to increase bone metabolism and makes your teeth move faster. The vibrating mouthpiece is put in the mouth and works with the aligners. The time it takes will depend on your mouth, but it can be as little as five minutes or as long as 20 minutes every day.


While this process is much newer, many dentists agree that it has a variety of advantages. For one, it will take less time to complete the treatment and may also reduce the discomfort you have with traditional tooth movement. Plus, it is FDA approved and has gone through many clinical trials with proven results.

Accelerated Invisalign in West Loop is becoming increasingly popular for those who want to get straight teeth faster. Contact Washington Dental Care today for more information about this newer, more advanced treatment or visit website.

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