How an Athlete Can Protect Their Teeth

When it comes to taking care of teeth, athletes need to be extra careful and take steps to protect their teeth. Our experts here at South and West Loop Dental are here to help. Here are three things athletes can do now to help their dentists in South Loop take care of their teeth:

The Mouthguard is an Important Part of the Uniform

No athlete competes without the uniform and the gear required for their sport- helmet, pads, and so forth. Mouthguards are an important part of any uniform and because they are designed the cover the teeth they add a strong later of protection to the teeth and lips. They guard against impact injury to the head and mouth area and keep teeth from breaking and chipping. Mouthguards are a must for any athlete!

Avoid the Sugary Sports Drinks and Opt for Water

You will get thirsty while playing a rousing game of basketball, football, hockey, or any other sport so it is important to stay hydrated. Many athletes tend to reach for sports drinks and while they’re good for replacing electrolytes, they are also high in sugar and should not be the only thing consumed during a game. Opting for water is the best choice and sports drinks should be supplemental only.

Taking Care of Your Teeth Takes Every Day Commitment

Practice makes perfect as any athlete knows and the same holds true for tooth care with the help of your Dentist in South Loop. Once a tooth becomes damaged and suffers cavities, enamel loss, or some kind of injury, it will always be weaker and more susceptible to damage in the future.

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