How an intra-oral camera helps to educate dental patients

While the practice of taking oral x-rays have been around for many years, a newer, less invasive procedure, known as the intra-oral camera, is gaining popularity among many of the Rancho Bernardo dentists as well as around the country.

What exactly is an intra-oral camera?  This is simply a specially designed digital camera that can be placed in a person’s mouth for the purpose of capturing either video or still photos for dental diagnostics.  There is even a version that can be used at home in order to monitor a patient’s dental health.

One of the main uses by dental care professionals for intra-oral cameras is to educate patients. Many patients feel reluctant about having work done on their teeth and gums because they cannot see what the problem is. Some patients simply feel that oral care procedures such as filings, root canals and other similar techniques are unnecessary and a way for the dentist to simply charge them more money. But, if the patient can see the problem, thanks to real time imaging from an intra-oral camera, then they feel more in control of making decisions for needed care.  When you consider the factors of pain, cost and dental care fears in general, use of an intra-oral camera by Rancho Bernardo dentists can go a long way towards improving dental health.

Another great benefit of intra-oral cameras is the exceptional quality of images they produce and the ease in which these visual records can be stored.  This is especially helpful if a patient needs a consultation with a specialist or changes dental care providers for some reason.  The types of images these high resolution cameras produce make it much easier to pinpoint the exact place surgery or other dental procedures need to be performed.  The oral surgeon or other dental care specialist can take a look at a patient’s visual records without ever having to see them until it is time for the procedure to be done. This cuts down time spent in the exam chair.

Intra-oral cameras can also be used to educate school age children on the importance of preventative dental care measures.  At times these high quality digital dental records may be used in a legal proceeding in the case of injury to one’s mouth. Many times intra- oral cameras are used to educate medical students who are studying oral health care.  Due to the precision in which intra-oral cameras can pin point a current or potential dental health problem, there is often less need for further detailed exams.  This cuts down on the need for follow up visits and helps de-stress patients who suffer dental care phobias. Home versions of intra-oral cameras can be used to help someone identify a potential dental health problem in people who are home-bound so that care can be scheduled for them without having to make more trips to the dental care clinic than are needed.


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