How Can Dental Crowns Roseburg OR Save Your Tooth?

When you experience tooth damage due to an injury or a cavity, it can often mean you need to have your tooth extracted. Most people want to do all they can to avoid losing a tooth. Today, one of the most popular treatment options dentists employ to prevent tooth loss is through Dental Crowns Roseburg OR. Through these crowns, the dentist can protect a damaged tooth, making it stronger and less likely to experience further damage and complete loss.

Dental crowns are made from different materials and each are used for a variety of reasons. When a child has damage to a baby tooth, the dentist will often use a stainless steel crown. This crown will protect the baby tooth so the space can be held for the adult tooth when it is ready to cut through. Once the adult tooth erupts, the crown falls out with it.

Most adults prefer crowns made from porcelain because they look most like natural teeth. While porcelain crowns are not the strongest choices, they can last for many years if they are cared for and given routine maintenance. For those who cannot afford porcelain crowns, there are less expensive resin crowns. The main drawback with these crowns is they can often become discolored over time and no longer blend in well with the surrounding teeth.

For the strongest crown choices, dentists will choose metal alloy crowns. These crowns are available in gold and silver and can last much longer than the other types of crowns. When making the choice on which Dental Crowns Roseburg OR will benefit you most, your dentist will make the call based on the tooth needing a crown and what type of damage the tooth has.

If you are in need of a dental crown, contact Wilson Family Dental. They can offer your entire family many different dental services so your teeth stay healthy. If your tooth is damaged, they will be glad to provide you with a dental crown and will do all they can to assist you in being able to avoid an extraction.

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