How Does An Orthodontist Realign Teeth?

Orthodontics is one of the many dental specialties, the specialist, known as an orthodontist is expert on correcting teeth misalignments. Patients that have teeth and jaw problems often face serious problems that impact their speech, chewing and make it difficult to maintain oral hygiene.

There are numerous issues that an orthodontist in Bloomingdale faces, the most common are:

Anteroposterior deviations: This condition is identified as a discrepancy between teeth when the jaws are closed. These discrepancies include over and under bites.

Overcrowding: This is a problem when there is not enough room for the proper growth and development of adult teeth

Aesthetics: It only takes one tooth to spoil an otherwise perfect smile; an orthodontist in Bloomingdale can easily and accurately reposition this tooth.

How are teeth realigned and repositioned?

Prior to undertaking any orthodontic treatments the orthodontist makes an in-depth evaluation of the teeth and jaws. Usually the orthodontist relies on a panoramic X-Ray as well as impressions. Only when the preliminary studies are made with a recommended course of treatment be made. There are a number of potential treatments:


By far the most common procedure is fitting braces. Braces include a combination of brackets, one of which is fitted to each tooth and an arch wire that is used to move the teeth into alignment. Braces can be made from metal, which is traditional or clear aligners can be employed.


Once the teeth have been realigned in accordance with the orthodontist’s plan, a retainer is then used to ensure the teeth remain in their new positions. Retainers are normally worn while sleeping and are used until the jaw bone has reformed into its new position.

An orthodontist works in a sophisticated field of dentistry, through advanced solutions an orthodontist in Bloomingdale can provide the patient with perfectly aligned teeth and an award winning smile.

If you have crooked or misaligned teeth; the solution lies in the hands of a skilled and experienced orthodontist in Bloomingdale. To discuss how you can achieve the look that you have always wanted you are invited to contact Pure Dental Spa. Contact them online at

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