How Your Local Dentistry in Heber Springs Can Help With Maloclussion

It is known that the soft tissues of the face and actually your whole appearance is directly dependent on the structure of the skull bones, and the correct position in the space of upper and lower jaw. It is easy to assume that a malocclusion can provoke the emergence of such unwanted problems as “heavy chin”, sunken cheeks and thin lips. Moreover, abnormal between teeth can cause early aging, particularly the appearance of facial lines and wrinkles. To learn more about malocclusion, continue reading or contact your local dentistry in Heber Springs.

Small chin and drooping corners of the lips

Let’s start with a few types of abnormal occlusion caused by the underdevelopment of the lower jaw or excessive development of upper: distal and deep bite. Distal occlusion, a kind of abnormal bite, is characterized by protrusion of the upper front teeth moving forward relative to the lower ones. With this bite the chin is visually reduced, and the upper lip may bulge a bit. Such a bite also causes misallocation of load during chewing, which is why the back teeth grind faster in the front. This may lead to the fact that bite starts “deeper”, which in turn increases the risk of lowering the corners of the lips.

Decrease in bite

As for the deep bite, its unique feature is that it overlaps the lower incisors by more than half (whereas the norm is one-third). However, it may relate to just the incisors, but also the lateral teeth too. With such a bite, the face seems flattened on the bottom, and the lower lip often flips out because it has nowhere else to go. If the holder of a deep bite doesn’t have a very high forehead, the face looks very small, but if the forehead is high enough, it becomes noticeable. The disproportion of the face is relative to the bottom. If a person takes a habit to draw in the lips, the lips will seem thin and that will visually reduce the face even more.

If you are suffering from an overbite or malocclusion, it is best that you visit your local dentistry in Heber Springs. Your dentist can correct this issue very easily in most cases. For more information visit Jason T. Bolding, DDS dental office.

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