Importance of a Family Dentist

Whether you and the family have moved to a new place or are looking for a new dentist in your town, finding the right dentist is important. If you already have a dentist who only sees adults, you might be tempted to stay with your dentist and find your children a new one. However, there are benefits to having a family dentist in West Loop or any other city.


Dentist appointments can be scary for children, so you want the dentist who makes them the most comfortable. Since family dentists see people of all ages, they have the most diverse practice in comfort. If you have a child mature for their age, they might be insulted or annoyed by a dentist who talks down to them because of their age. The more types of patients a dentist sees, the better they are at evaluating personalities to find the best approach.

Plus, being a patient and being a parent of a patient are two completely different experiences. If you experience both sides, you build your own larger sense of comfort with the dentist. Seeing you comfortable can make your child more comfortable.

Set an Example

If you’re also a patient with your child’s dentist, you can set a good example for your child. If they misbehave in appointments or are nervous about what an appointment is like, bring them to one of your appointments. Your child can watch as you set an example of how to properly behave in the dental chair.

Know the Dentist Better

As mentioned before, being a patient and a parent in the dentist office are two different experiences. If you want to know how the dentist and hygienists treat their patients, being a patient yourself is the best way. You can build a different relationship with the dentist to better understand the care your child receives.

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