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If you’re searching for teeth whitening in Burr Ridge, you’ll get quality service at Dentistry by Design. Dr. Michael Morgan is the lead dentist and is committed to providing quality cosmetic dental service. Dr. Morgan services a variety of patients, and many of them are also dentists, which speaks to his skill and precision. Dr. Morgan is a graduate of the Illinois School of Dentistry located in Chicago and studied with some of the most talented cosmetic dentists in the world in Geneva, Switzerland.

According to patient reviews, Dr. Morgan’s calm disposition helps people to relax while receiving dental services. This is certainly a relief since many people are nervous about visiting the dentist. Patients also say that Dr. Morgan is a perfectionist and focuses on providing patients with results they’ll love.

Dr. Morgan’s office provides several aesthetic dentistry services, including veneers and dental bonding. Porcelain veneers are a great choice for people who want to conceal stained or chipped teeth. The veneers can also improve the overall look of the teeth and hide imperfections like crooked or misaligned teeth. Dental bonding is ideal for treating small gaps or cracks in teeth, and the composite dental resin used for the process looks just like natural teeth.

Dentistry by Design also performs teeth whitening in Burr Ridge. This procedure works well for people with deeply stained teeth from drinking beverages like coffee or red wine; the process also works to whiten teeth that have become discolored from smoking. Patients who want to have their teeth whitened at the dental office will have a gel applied to their teeth to lift stains and improve any discoloration. Dr. Morgan also provides take-home whitening kits that patients can use at their convenience to improve their smiles.

Dentistry by Design offers Invisalign as well, along with a consultation and fitting for the aligners and regular checkups to ensure that teeth are straightening properly.

For additional information on Dentistry by Design or to schedule an appointment, visit their website now.

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