Recognizing When It’s Time to Make a Phone Call to an Emergency Dentist in West Creek

Many people take care of their mouths by making an annual appointment for a checkup with their regular dentist. However, there are some situations in which patients should not wait until their next regular appointment in order to get treated. If you don’t know what those are, you could be putting your oral health in danger in the event that you do experience a dental emergency.

If any of the following have happened to you, then you may want to pick up the phone and call an Emergency Dentist in West Creek right away:


A tooth infection can occur when bacteria are allowed to proliferate in your mouth and cause serious issues with tooth decay. Not only can this lead to unbearable pain, but there’s also a chance that the bacterial infection could end up spreading. For this reason, it’s best that you are seen immediately by an emergency dentist so that they’ll be able to prescribe the right antibiotics (or another treatment of choice) to help you get rid of your infection for good.


Whether the injury occurs to the soft tissue or your tooth, you should definitely get to an emergency dentist right away to have it checked out. Soft tissue injuries can be painful, and any bleeding that occurs needs to be stopped immediately. If your tooth has been cracked, broken, or knocked out, you’ll want to try to make it to the dentist’s chair within the hour in order to prevent any damage to exposed nerves and give the emergency dentist the best chance of salvaging your tooth.


Dull aches and sharp pains in your teeth can be caused by numerous factors like an exposed nerve, sensitivity due to enamel loss, or even advanced infections. Consequently, seeing an emergency dentist to correct the problem is key. You never know what could be causing your pain, and a dentist will be able to get to the root of the problem and help you find relief. It’s never a good idea to put your oral health at risk, but people do so every day when they fail to get to an Emergency Dentist in West Creek to have any of these conditions checked out. With so much at stake, it’s definitely one of the best decisions you can make in order to maintain both your health and your peace of mind.

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