Restore Damaged Teeth Using Composite Fillings in Laurel, MS

Improving the smile or the quality of the teeth can be done with various dental techniques, but the most common of these is fillings. This procedure is done after the dentist has removed any damaged enamel and dentin. Its purpose is to fill up the void that results from clearing the decay away. There are two types of fillings that are common. The first is called amalgam and is typically a silver filling. The other is composite fillings in Laurel, MS. Composites are the filling of choice for several reasons. For instance, a composite filling can be color matched to the existing tooth. Sometimes, the use of amalgam fillings can affect the color of the remaining portion of the tooth making it appear grayish in hue.

Dental procedures vary and the placement of a filling may as well. For example, if the decay of the tooth is severe, then a composite filling may not be a perfect choice. Of course, the best thing to do is keep the teeth clean and reduce the chance of cavities, but even the best brushing and flossing regimen may not prevent this issue. This is where regular dental visits can help. Checking the teeth on an annual basis lets the dentist catch any problems before they get out-of-hand. This way, they will only need to do minimal drilling and still be able to use composite fillings in Laurel, MS. This is necessary because composite fillings may not be as effective when used to repair large cavities.

There is some confusion on when to replace any existing amalgam fillings with composite ones. In most cases, the dentist will recommend waiting on removing the existing filling until there is a need. The reason behind this is that removing the current filling could do more damage to the tooth including the removal of too much of the existing shell. Another consideration with composite fillings is that they may not work correctly if a lot of dental work is required such as a root canal or excessive dentin removal. In this instance, the dentist will need to use an amalgam filling or crown. Get further information from the experts at Lincoln Road Dental Clinic.

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