Restore Your Confidence with a Mini Teeth Implant in New Iberia, LA

If you have some missing teeth or teeth that are decayed or broken, it can make you feel less than confident, however, you can restore your smile by adding mini implants. These prosthetic devices provide a natural-looking solution for replacing badly decayed, missing, or broken teeth.

How Are the Restorations Placed?

As the name implies, a mini teeth implant in New Iberia, LA is smaller than a regular implant. However, it still is just as efficient as its larger counterpart. The implants are inserted directly into the jaw bone to support natural-looking fake teeth that are used to enhance a smile.

Schedule a Consultation and Assessment

So, if you want a quick solution for restoring broken, decayed, or missing teeth, you may want to consider a mini teeth implant device. Besides this type of cosmetic upgrade, you might also consult with a dentist about same-day crowns or porcelain veneers. All you need to do is schedule a consultation, and assessment and you can find out which restoration will work the best for you.

Who to Contact

You can learn more about these cosmetic and dental restorations by contacting a practice like Babineaux Family Dental. Either give the office a call or fill out your contact details to receive more information about these innovative dental solutions.

Fill Out a Form First

Before seeing a dentist about a mini teeth implant prosthetic or other dental restorations, you should download and fill out a dental form located on the dentist’s website. You just need to fill out contact details, insurance information, and your dental history. The form also includes questions about the patient’s medical history.

Mini implants are popular today because the procedure is less invasive and the healing time is shorter. Plus, any complications or failures are rare. This form of treatment is also less expensive than regular-sized implants, and the procedure causes less disturbance to the tissues and bone, thereby causing less discomfort overall.

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