Services of an Orthodontist in Seminole

An Orthodontist in Seminole is the dental professional that is responsible for aiding patients that have jaws or teeth that are improperly positioned. Teeth that are crooked or that do not fit together properly are much more difficult to keep clean and are much more prone to being lost due to periodontal disease and tooth decay. Additionally, these issues can lead to more stress on the muscles that are used to chew, which can lead to back, shoulder or neck pain, TMJ syndrome and headaches.

When orthodontic treatment is sought, it will help patients achieve a healthier mouth, as well as a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. Their teeth will also be more likely to last for their lifetime.

An Orthodontist in Seminole is a professional that has received an additional two years in dental school, as well as an ADA approved training program.

How to Know You Need Orthodontic Treatment?

In the majority of situations, your general dentist will let you know if you should see an orthodontist. This determination is usually based on diagnostic tools, which include a patient’s dental health history, x-rays, plaster models of your teeth and your medical history. If you are referred to an orthodontist, they will determine your specific issue and develop a unique treatment plan.

Some of the most common issues that orthodontists from NuSmile Dental treat include: overbites, or buck teeth; under-bites, which create a “bulldog” type appearance; Cross-bite, where the patient’s upper teeth don’t fall slightly in the front of the lower teeth; open bit, when there is space left between the biting surfaces; misplaced mid-line, when the center of the upper teeth are not lining up with the lower teeth; spacing, when there are additional spaces or gaps; and crowding where there are too many teeth present for the dental ridge to handle.

Once your particular issue is determined, then your dentist will use their skills to correct their problem in a timely and efficient manner. In some cases this can mean using a specific type of dental appliance, or other treatments. It is important to see your general dentist regularly to ensure you seek orthodontic treatment when necessary. Click here for more information.

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