Services Offered By a Cosmetic Dentist in Keizer, OR

by | Dec 23, 2013 | Dental Care


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Every part of the body is vital. For instance, the mouth is a major part with multiple functions. Aside from chewing of food, the mouth also determines the type of smile you will display. It is paramount to conduct regular brushing and visits to a Cosmetic Dentist Keizer OR to ensure your mouth remains healthy. There are many dentists around the country, and you will need one who is reliable and offers a variety of services. This can include:

1. Sedation dentistry- Through this form of dentistry, any dental procedure can be performed on you without feeling the pain. Most people think it involves total unconsciousness during the dental procedures, but there is a level of consciousness left to allow communication between the dentist and the patient and also for security purposes. It is important you verify the types of sedatives used; for instance, the use of drug free natural sedation by using the NuCalm system. Also, after you come around, you will require special care to suppress the NTI migraine.

2. Cleaning and prevention services- This type of service involves the cleaning and polishing of your teeth by removing tartar and plaque. Polishing your teeth is then done to remove any oversight left. The next procedure involves the evaluation of the gums and treatment. Gum diseases are checked for, as well as conditions that affect the bone structure that holds your teeth in place. Screening of any cancerous material by the Cosmetic Dentist Keizer OR is done through the use of x-ray devices to see what the naked eye cannot see.

3. Cosmetic dentistry- This involves the whitening of your teeth to lighten them up and give life to your smile. Crowns are also fixed on your teeth in cases where you need to give improve their structure. Your smile is also rebuilt by affixing veneers or implementing white fillings through the use of resins.

4. Restoration services- When your teeth are damaged, you will need a Cosmetic Dentist Keizer OR to bring your teeth to a more healthy state. This is made possible through replacement of lost teeth with dental implants, dentures and bridges. Root canals help to relieve you of pain due to decay.

The ideal Cosmetic Dentist Keizer OR should provide all the above services to give you the best smile and healthiest teeth and gums.

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