Should You Consider Invisalign in DC?

People who desire straight teeth often do not want to be faced with traditional metal braces. Though these are beneficial in treating alignment issues, the embarrassment of having a mouth full of metal often turns people away from this treatment. Fortunately, there is another option available. Through Invisalign in DC, people are able to have their alignment issues treated without anyone being aware.

Invisalign is an invisible braces system. It aligns the teeth through clear aligner trays that are worn over the teeth. Unlike traditional orthodontic treatments, these aligners can be removed at any time. This is why there are no restrictions on the foods a person eats or the activities they participate in. This allows for treatment without any interference in life.

To start the process of treatment, impressions are made of the teeth and pictures are taken. These are sent to the Invisalign lab where the full scope of treatment is mapped out. This helps to plan the treatment process so each aligner can be carefully made.

The aligner trays are worn for a period of two weeks. The aligners are only removed during eating or brushing the teeth. At the end of the two-week period, the dentist will have his patient remove the old aligner and toss it in the trash.

Each aligner moves the teeth closer to their goal position. Though it takes time for treatment to work, Invisalign is an effective treatment for many. For many patients, the teeth can be properly aligned in as little as a year. Severe alignment issues may require longer periods of treatment.

In some cases, a retainer is used after Invisalign treatment has been accomplished. This is often needed for children and adults with severe alignment issues. When the dentist first sees a patient for Invisalign in DC, mapping of the treatment process can reveal the steps required to properly align the teeth.

Those who would like to learn more about Invisalign can look at more info by visiting This dental office can prepare your teeth for alignment and will work to ensure you achieve the beautiful smile you have been longing for.

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